Camp Story Contest: Tea

Entry Authored By: Tea, Camper, Age 9

                        Hello! My name is Tea. Last summer I took three sessions of PAW summer camp, which were Annie, Beauty and the Beast, and Westside Super Story. I really enjoyed the first session, which was Annie. I tried my hardest to be a lead character. When the teachers were passing out the scripts, I felt really emotional and excited to see what part I got. I was Annie #1 and my sister was Annie #2! 
                        Each day after I went home, I practiced acting like Annie a lot. Memorizing lines wasn’t really hard, and when we practiced everyone called me Annie #1 and I was really proud and happy. I made a lot of new friends. During practices, I always thought about how Annie would feel in the scene and acted that way. It was really fun acting like Annie! I am like Annie and it was the perfect role for me. When the show was coming, I felt really excited and ready to go. I said all my lines perfectly and was doing well. It was really fun to play Annie!

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