PAW Ambassador Application


First day to apply January 1st ~ Last day to apply June 1st

ALL service hours must be completed by June 15th  to qualify for that year’s camp program.
To apply please complete the following form and click Submit Application. A PAW representative will contact you within two weeks of your submission.

Thank you for taking the time to provide a service to the families in your community!

(As soon as an original set of pledge hours are completed, additional pledge hours can be approved to add additional sessions of camp. Each 8 hours of service completes the pledge for a single session of camp for one child and provides you with half off the tuition for that session of camp.)

I have Read, Understand And Agree to All Rules & Policies Regarding PAW Ambassador Scholarships:

• I agree to attend an event and promote PAW camps at a mutually agreed upon time and place. I agree to stay for the entire duration of the event for the event to qualify as a PAW Ambassador Scholarship. I acknowledge that events can be up to four hours in duration.

• I agree and understand that each session of camp I am approved for on scholarship consists of: 8 hours of service sharing PAW Camp information, comprised of 4 hours of in-person service & 4 hour of online service.

• I agree that only the person listed on this application can attend events as a PAW Ambassador. I further agree to NOT send a person to an event in my stead.

• I agree that my child is allowed to accompany me to events, but only if my child is 10 years of age or older. I further agree that if my child accompanies me to an event, that my child will not be left unattended.

• I agree and acknowledge that every 8 hours of service fulfills the pledge for half off of tuition per one session of camp, and is not redeemable for cash value. I understand that if the camp session and program I originally selected does not have the minimum number of children to operate, I may select another session to apply my scholarship to. I further understand that I can opt to complete an additional 8 hours of service to qualify for each additional session of camp per child.

• I acknowledge that while at an event I am representing PAW as a volunteer and I agree to refrain from using profanity or using tobacco or tobacco products while at an event and to conduct myself in a manner befitting a representative of a children’s arts education program.

• While at a PAW event, I agree to promote PAW camps and programs only. I agree to only distribute materials designated by PAW. I agree to not promote outside materials, competing activities, promotions, agendas, politics, etc.

• I agree and understand that I am representing PAW strictly as a volunteer, and not as an employee or contractor.

• I agree to wear clothing that is befitting a representative of a children's educational program at all times while serving as a PAW Ambassador.

• I agree to bring a non-perishable lunch and water to the event. I acknowledge PAW will not provide food items for Ambassadors.

• I agree to set up and take down my own booth/table at the event.

• In order for an event to meet the criteria of a PAW Ambassador Scholarship I agree to confirm my attendance and participation by emailing time-stamped photos of myself to PAW in the following manner and at the following times: beginning when I arrive and set up, once hourly while at the event, and before I tear down my table. I also agree to allow PAW to publish these photos and/or videos when promoting the PAW Ambassador Program or PAW Camps.

• Other than as listed above, I will refrain from using, talking, texting, web browsing on my cell phone except for cases of emergencies. I understand that violating this clause will invalidate the event and the event will not be credited as a qualifying PAW Ambassador Scholarship.

• I agree and acknowledge that I will receive literature and promotional materials via email and by FedEx to the address that I provide.

• I acknowledge I may be required to supply my own folding table and/or chairs for the event.

This is to affirm that the information contained in my registration form is true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and I accept the conditions set forth by PAW. I further understand that if any information is later determined to be false it is grounds for revocation of the PAW Ambassador Scholarship.

I have attached a photo of myself and my child to this application or emailed the photo to and in the subject line have written the words “PAW Ambassador Scholarship Request”. In the body of the email, I have included my name and contact information so PAW may match up my profile to my application.

I understand that if accepted as a PAW Ambassador, I will be required to complete a camp registration form for my child and submit tuition for the parent sponsored portion of the camp tuition.

I understand and acknowledge that there are only a limited number of PAW Ambassador Scholarships available…beginning January 1st and with the last day to apply being June 1st, and that all service hours must be completed by June 15th to qualify for that year’s camp program.

By submitting this form it is understood that I have read and agree to the information regarding dates, rules and company policies. I knowingly assume all risks arising from participating in this activity. I understand that PAW is not responsible for any actions or damages from any person arising out of my volunteer time as a PAW Ambassador Scholarship recipient. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless PAW, its officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents and staff from any claims due to negligence, omission or faulty advice. I certify that I have legal authority to sign this release/waiver of liability, and sign it without duress or coercion.

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