Move over Saturday morning cartoons…make way for Saturday morning Zoom!

Ah, home on a beautiful Saturday morning – a day of well-deserved rest, a time to revel in the promise of a new day. It’s almost like a scene from a coffee commercial.

Of course, if you have children, your morning looks a little different. While you’re still waiting for the caffeine in your giant mug of coffee to kick in, your children are bounding out of bed and rampaging through the house like a Category-5 hurricane. (Why don’t they have this kind of energy on weekday mornings?!) If only you could keep them occupied for a little bit while you do the thousand and one things a parent needs done to keep a household healthy and happy, but something that’s not just parking them in front of the TV to watch “Trolls” for the hundredth time, or just a videogame. The trusty “go-tos” like in-person team sports, classes and activities your children would usually participate in are unavailable due to the pandemic. What is a parent to do?

Fortunately, there is a vast array of Online Saturday morning enrichment classes for children. The classes span the range from arts, sciences, sports, academics, humanities and beyond.  

As it is looking more and more likely that the majority of studios and parks will not be holding in-person classes in the fall, it is more important than ever to give children the activities and structure so crucial to their development.  “Learning doesn’t stop at the school bell,” says Cheryl Appleman, teacher and president of Performing Arts Workshops. “Our Online Saturday Studio is in keeping with that philosophy. Enrichment classes, whether they’re held on Saturdays or after school are essential. Beyond the enjoyment of the class, it pays dividends in other aspects of life. It helps create a sense of belonging, improves social skills, makes learning fun, builds confidence, and provides a measure of safety and supervision.”

A key to maintaining mental health and emotional well-being in our children is establishing routine in order to provide them with a sense of structure, safety, and security, essential aspects of healthy childhood development. Jena Lee, MD, medical director of pediatric consultation and emergency psychiatry at UCLA points out that creating opportunities for social interaction and sense of community is vital for children. “Daily structure is important to everyone, but particularly to children in their psychological and emotional development. The consistency of schedules, predictable rules, and set expectations teach children how to behave, develop self-discipline and impulse control and, importantly, a sense of safety and control.”

PAW, named Best After School Program in LA Parent Magazine, is thrilled to announce their Lineup of 2020 Fall Online After School & Saturday Workshops for kids ranging from 3 years old to 14, including; Acting Technique & Theater Games,Hip Hop, Singing & Vocal Training, Karate, Guitar & Ukulele, Chess Club, Debate For Kids, Yoga, Ballet, Stand Up Comedy, Songwriting,and several choices of Mommy & Me Classes!There is even a special High School Debate Sports and Forensics Team.

For more information on PAW’s Saturday morning and After School enrichment classes, call (310) 827-8827 or visit

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