Pre-Dinner Stress: After School Clubs to the Rescue


Making the Most of “Golden Hour” with Online After School Class

We’ve all been there. Its early evening. The day is rapidly drawing to a close. You’re working from home, paying bills, folding laundry, figuring out what to do about dinner. The online school day is over, but the kids need some type of worthwhile supervised activity which will free you up to get dinner on the table.  When the sun is settling into an amber glow – or “golden hour”, as it is known in the world of film and photography. If all goes well during golden hour, you can make magic happen. There’s order in the home, the children are fed and bedded down for the night, and you live to fight another day. That would be your day, if only you could keep the kids from bouncing off the walls so you can hear yourself think!  

If this is you, online after school programming might be just thing to keep your kids engaged in fun, safe, and enriching activities, while you’re trying to finish work and do the thousand and one things a parent needs done in order to bring the family down the home stretch.

“With the pandemic, it isn’t feasible to enroll children in in-person classes or have hired help to come to your home to supervise your children, so online after school classes are a terrific alternative,” says Tim Fitzgerald, vice president of Performing Arts Workshops. “They’re affordable, accessible, and don’t require leaving the safety of your home.”

He adds, “PAW does everything from acting technique, hip hop, singing & vocal training, Karate, guitar & ukulele, chess club, debate for kids, yoga, ballet, stand up comedy, songwriting, to several choices of Mommy & Me Classes!  If you do a quick search, you’ll see that there’s something for just about everyone.” Mr. Fitzgerald continued, “This isn’t like sitting your kids in front of the TV to watch Trolls for the hundredth time. When a child is being actively engaged, they’re loving to learn, and that’s the most important thing. And that love of learning will in turn help them do better in school. That time during golden hour. It’s an investment you can feel good about.”

Online After School Classes ~ the REAL play station! For more information, call Performing Arts Workshops at (310) 827-8827, or visit

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