Camp Story Contest: Luisa

Entry Authored By: Luisa, Camper, Age 10


     Last summer I did P.A.W. summer camp with my best friend Hannah. I liked the camp overall because we needed to do teamwork and work together.  I liked the song and dance to “Our House in the Middle of the Woods” in the musical Snow White. I liked it because it was very active and showed the personalities of each dwarf. All of the dwarves were played by girls. Grumpy had an angry expression on her face. Bashful, played by me, was a shy character and would hide behind someone or something. Sleepy played by Hannah, had to fall on the floor and was always tired. I also got to do cartwheels with Sleepy and Happy. My favorite teacher was Miss Clair who was the singing teacher. I liked Miss Clair because she was very nice and she would teach us to sing better than how we were singing. She was the singing teacher for Snow White and West Side Super Story. Miss Clair could also sing very well, which is probably why she is the singing teacher. One thing that made me confident on stage was that my best friend was next to me for almost the whole time.  Those are all the things that I like about P.A.W. camp. So, I hope you like my favorite things about P.A.W. camp as well!!!

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