Camp Story Contest: Leah

Entry Authored By: Lea, Camper, Age 9


            Hello, my name is Lea and I am 9 years old. Last summer, I took three sessions at PAW summer camp. I did Annie, Beauty and the Beast, and Westside Super story. In Annie I played Annie #2, in Beauty and the Beast I played Babette, and in the last play, I played Green Lantern. From all the plays I have done, I learned how to do voice warmups, dancing skills, and costuming.

            In Westside Super story, it was a very good experience to play Green Lantern, a superhero in a superhero play with amazing fantasy characters. In Beauty and the Beast, It was very interesting to play Babette, a woman who transformed into a duster. For this role I got a soprano solo part while sliding down stage. I loved all these characters because they were really different people then who I deep inside am. It was a very good experience for me to act like a very different character.


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