Camp Story Contest: Hannah

Entry Authored By: Hannah, Camper, Age 7


            I like P.A.W.  and here is why: I love to sing, dance, and make friends. I got to do that at P.A.W. I was there with my best friend Luisa and we performed in Snow White together. I liked the musical Snow White because I got to be Sleepy and I liked the costume. I liked the costume because I wore a very loose shirt and I also got to wear a beanie. There were lots of kids including my best friend Luisa. I liked the dance to Our House in the Middle of the Woods because I got to do a cartwheel and fall to the floor and it also had cool dance moves. I also liked the musical West Side Super Story because there was another cool dance called Spiderman. I liked it because we got to say, “Hey! Watch out for Spiderman!”

            I also liked P.A.W. because of the nice teachers. Having nice teachers is very important because people don’t like being yelled at. There were four teachers. My favorite teacher was Mr. Fred because he would play checkers with me when I wanted to. I liked Luisa being there because she accompanies me a lot. I like to see my friends. I also saw a girl that I already knew from a different musical. I really enjoyed P.A.W. and I want to do it again this summer. I could only do two plays but I would want to do four plays next time.

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