Camp Story Contest: Amia, Jordan, Noah

Entry Authored By 3 Siblings: Amia, Camper, Age 7  ~  Jordan, Camper, Age 11  ~  Noah, Camper, Age 9

Amia, Camper, Age 7       

I had fun at PAWs Our days were very busy.  It started at 8 o’clock in the morning and we had 2 breaks. In the morning, we got to play games and after class while we were waiting for our parents to pick us up. Most days we practiced our songs and our lines.  One day we got half the play done because we worked so hard.  We had so much extra time that we relaxed and talked about our favorite songs. It kept me so busy that before I knew it, it was time to go home. 

            We practiced our play with everyone and then in small groups.  The two plays I have done are Alice in Wonderland and West Side Super Story.  We had special routines and we would act too. We were super heroes in West Side Super Story.  I was so nervous because I thought I might have to speak alone.  I was lucky because I didn’t have to. I was also nervous because there was only one person I was friends with at camp. My brothers were there but they don’t’ count.  They were busy making their own friends.  My favorite teacher was Miss Victoria. My best memory of her was the time that we tried to sing louder than Miss Victoria and of course we won.  We got our voices ready to sing with Miss Claire. 

            Doing Performing Arts Workshops has made a difference in my life and how I feel about performing.  I LOVE to perform now and I am less nervous.  I have done this two times.  It is fun and makes me feel lots of emotions.  I feel happy, confused, nervous and proud.  I am very excited about doing Performing Arts Workshops this summer.  I cannot wait to learn the songs and routines!  



Jordan, Camper, Age 11

            My first play was Alice in Wonderland.  I was excited about the play.  On Monday, I learned everyone’s name and part of the opening song, Hooray for Hollywood.  On Tuesday, I practiced the opening song and got to learn about everyone more.  On Wednesday, I got my part, The 7 of Hearts.  This was a big day for everyone because they got their parts too. 

            On Thursday, we practiced some songs from the play including Hooray for Hollywood.  The next day we practiced a bit and played some games.  Monday, I was put in a group and practiced a scene.  At the end of the day we acted out the scene for the other groups. 

            Tuesday through Wednesday we learned songs and new scenes.  We also put song into their places in the scenes.  On Thursday, we rehearsed the whole play many times over and the teachers made corrections.  Finally, on Friday we rehearsed one last time.  I was scared about performing but speaking in front of people is fun.  The play helped me speak up more at school.  I even did an interview with the principal and made the student council because the principal was impressed with my speaking skills.  This was my first play at performing arts workshops and I am so happy I did it!



Noah, Camper, Age 9

I didn’t know that P.A.Ws was such a blast the first time I did it.  P.A.Ws is a fun performing camp that you do plays.  For example, the plays that I did were “Alice in Wonderland” and “West Side Super Story”. In Alice in Wonderland I was a card so I didn’t have to speak alone.  It was a nice way of starting performing arts. In West Side Super Story I was the Green Lantern and I had a few speaking parts on my own.  I was really excited about having my own speaking role.  Having this experience gives me confidence in my monthly presentation I have to do in front of my class at school.  It has helped me make eye contact and project my voice more. 


During the 2 weeks at camp, we are preparing for the play and we had to memorize our lines. The day of the performance we dress up as who our character is, and our parents can come and watch the whole show.  After the show, we take pictures and then go home.  The first time I did it I was a bit nervous because I have never done it before.  Now I am excited to do it and not nervous anymore. 


Some good memories were, having the show, playing games, having a camp talent show and having great teachers.  I am excited for camp this summer!


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