All kids should have the chance to go to camp!

All kids should have the chance to go to camp!  It is a proven fact that how a child spends their summer has a direct correlation to positive academic success.

Performing Arts Workshops is pleased to announce that 
100 Summer Camp Scholarships are now available!  See below for details how to receive a scholarship for your family.

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~ For the 5TH YEAR! ~

Performing Arts Workshops, VOTED 2010’s BEST SUMMERCAMP in LA PARENT MAGAZINE, is pleased to announce that through a generous donation, twenty scholarships at each of our Summer Camp locations are now available.

These special scholarships have been made available for us to give as a matching fund.  Our donor, whose wish is to help local children experience the arts this summer, will sponsor half the tuition for up to 20 children at each camp site.  Each matching scholarship provides half of the tuition for MUSICAL THEATER CAMP when the parent matches the remaining $300.

It is our donor’s request that the scholarships have no conditions or prerequisites.  We are gifting these scholarships immediately.  To receive one of these scholarships please call us at (310) 827-8827and mention the “matching fund scholarships.”  For more information about PAW visit


Camp Locations In: Brentwood, West LA, Manhattan Beach, Studio City, Redondo Beach, Pasadena, El Segundo and Chatsworth. 


Feel free to share this!  This notice can be sent out to any parent trees, email groups, blogs or meeting groups where parents may read about this.

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