WOW! Debate Widens a World of Wordcraft For Kids!

Written By: Samantha Crawford | November 20, 2019


With debate clubs and teams on the rise, PAW takes a look at Debate Camp Curriculum for some of our youngest voices!

Should cellphones be allowed at school? Is protecting wildlife important?

Should skateboarding be allowed in public places? Should beaches have rules?

For children, finding their voice and forming opinions on relevant issues can be challenging within the classroom environment. Between covering the many mathematical concepts expected each year, and learning proper spelling and grammar, inquiry based analysis and learning is often put on the back burner until high school. Fortunately, debate programs (including afterschool clubs and summer camps) have huge, multifaceted benefits for children that produce life-long rewards and enrichment for all of our young debaters!

The moment that a child realizes that they have the power to use their words to share their perspectives and effect change is an exhilarating one. A core part of a non-competitive Debate Camp Curriculum is the idea that you can have a difference of opinion, gather evidence, acknowledge the Pros and the Cons, make your case, and still be friends who have empathy and speak to one another politely and respectfully. We do not have to raise our voices or fight with one another in order to be empowered and use our voices effectively!

In addition to growing as an intellectual, Debate Camps provide campers with academic skills that can be used across their educational careers! Examining issues from different perspectives to prepare a well-informed argument develops a child’s critical thinking and analysis skills. Listening and preparing a rebuttal to an opposing argument teaches children active listening, vocabulary, and communication skills. Working together to dissect an issue that is current and relevant to them gives children an early experience with civic-mindedness, empathy, constructively addressing peer-pressure to conform, and finding confidence in their own voices and ideas. With these debate skills in hand, campers leave with a whole new toolbox of resources to succeed in their language arts, math, social studies, science, and even elective classes!

Kids deserve to know that their perspectives are important and that they can make a difference. This begins with them finding their voices, learning use their voices, and building their self-confidence!

“Words and ideas can change the world.”

-Robin Williams 

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