Win a FREE SESSION of camp ~ PAW’s Biannual Camp Story CONTEST!!

We’re so excited to announce that our BIANNUAL CAMP STORY CONTEST will open this Friday, February 1st!  Submit your favorite memory from a PAW camp and you could win a free session of Musical Theater Camp! 

These PAW stories can range from funny, inspiring, or sweet, to just plain adorable.  Don’t be shy, you can even talk about your favorite PAW teacher!  Or, you can talk about how your PAW Arts Education has made a difference in your life, school or your grades.  Choose your favorite photo of yourself (especially in costume) to attach to your contest entry. 

The Story can be written by a PAW camper, Mom, Dad or even Grandma & Grandpa, too!!!!  We want to hear from YOU!  Your story can be a page or just a few simple paragraphs.  If you haven’t been to a PAW camp, please write about why you would like to attend a PAW summer camp session.
Submit your story by MARCH 1st for a chance to win: 1st  place winner receives a full free session of Musical Theater Camp of your choosing,  2nd and 3rdplace winners receive half off a full session of Musical Theater Camp of your choosing.  Winners will be announced on PAW’s Official Facebook page on April 5th.  As our special thank you just for submitting your story we are gifting all of our contest entrants with the Red Ribbon Award of $100 PAW Camp Dollars. Your Red Ribbon $100 Award can be applied when registering for a session of camp or, if you are already registered, to add an additional session of camp.

Get inspired…check out past Camp Story Contest entries, learn more about entering, and submit your own story HERE!  We’d love to share your story too!  All submissions we receive are eligible to be shared at our discretion on our Facebook and other social media pages, accompanied by your child’s first name and age only. 

To enterthe contest and share your PAW story, go to our website  www.PerformingArtsWorkshops.comand under “SHOWCASE” select “CAMP STORY CONTEST”. 

We can’t wait to read your story. J

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