The Art Of Stage & Movie Makeup For Kids

Written By: Samantha Crawford | October 20, 2019


PAW takes a look at the creative gains and artistry of Stage FX Makeup Camp Curriculum!

In a society that prioritizes academic success and test results, creativity can sometimes be pushed to the sidelines. Stage FX Makeup Camp brings that creativity front and center in order to nourish children’s imagination and cultivate the value of the creative process of stage and movie makeup!

At Stage FX Makeup Camp, campers have the opportunity to engage their creative minds in a meaningful and unique curriculum that encourages the exploration of various styles, techniques, and theories. Through their instruction and application of Theatrical Makeup, Glamour Makeup, Aging Makeup, and even Zombie Makeup just to name a few, campers are able to try new skills within the Stage FX Makeup field, use their own visions to create distinct looks, and gain foundational skills that can be applied to many other learning processes.

At its foundation, Makeup Camp gives children that are interested in the world of makeup artistry the chance to learn about blending, colors, face shape, bone structure, highlights, hygiene & sanitation, and, of course, makeup theory! Campers are able to try out the skills and techniques that they are learning in a safe and nurturing environment with a teacher that has specialized experience in the field of Stage FX Makeup.

In addition to the many creative and artistic benefits of Makeup Camp, campers also work on effectively collaborating with their peers, critically thinking about their process and designs, problem solving to achieve a particular artistic goal, and utilizing fine motor skills to apply makeup and bring their ideas to life! These skills are easily translated to the year-round work that kids are doing at school and in their extracurricular activities.

PAW’s award-winning camps for kids ages 5-14 include Musical TheaterFilmmaking, Guitar,  Magic, Photography, Rock The Mic,Stage F/X Makeup, Debate Camp & Camp LOL!

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