PAW’s Biannual Camp Story Contest Is Here Once Again!

Get out your pencils and notebooks, find your favorite camp photos ~ 
It’s time to start preparing your story to enter the Camp Story 
Contest for a chance to win free camp!
Every year as the PAW Team gets ready for another exciting season, we love to stop and take a moment to remember and reflect on all of the fun of past seasons of camp! 
We also love to celebrate our campers’ special moments and memories and there is no better way to do this than through your own firsthand storytelling! Plus, who doesn’t love a chance at free stuff – especially free PAW Camp! 
The story can be written by a PAW camper, Mom, Dad, or even Grandma & Grandpa, too!  Your story can be a page or just a few simple paragraphs that range from funny, inspiring, or sweet, to just plain adorable. 

Your story can be…


When the big moment came for us to step out of the big black curtains that concealed us, I admit, I was a little scared. But when I looked to my right, I saw my friends next to me. I knew I was okay.”                                                                                                                                                                                                              -Luiza, Camper, Age 9


“…I asked my daughter what part she’d been given, while I distractedly eased the car out of the parking lot and checked for traffic in my side mirror. ‘Mommy, I’m an orphan,” she said. ‘That’s great,’ I said. ‘So I figure dirty, grubby clothes this time?’ ‘Well, kinda. I’m playing Annie.’ ‘What?’ I put my foot on the brake. ‘What? Annie? Like in, the lead?’ ‘Yes,’ she said, grinning.
                                                                                     -Suzanne, Melissa’s Mom, Age 10


“My PAW Song (Sing to the tune of Candy man from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory)
Who can take a Summer (who can take a Summer)
Sprinkle it with cheer (sprinkle it with cheer)
Add singing, dancing, and acting
Then it will appear
PAW Summer Camp
PAW Summer Camp”

-Lindsay, Camper, Age 9


“I had a solo, two lines that I still remember to this day. I sang those solo lines and I realized I didn’t want to be a popstar, I want to be a Broadway star. I want to be like Barbra Streisand, Natalie Wood, and Rita Moreno. This camp helped me realize that I want to perform.”

-Lila, Camper, Age 10


…Or Even Just Plain Fun!

“After the camp ended she told me that she couldn’t wait to go back next summer. A big thanks to the staff for making her summer memorable and fun! She played one of the village girls in beauty and the beast and in my opinion she had perfected the Gaston faint scene ;)”

-Denna, Sienna’s Mom, Age 7 

Check out past Camp Story Contest entries, learn more about entering,

and submit your own story HERE!

Our Spring Contest is live from February 1st – March 1st.

All submissions we receive are eligible to be shared on our Facebook and other social media pages, accompanied by your child’s first name and age only.  

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