Home Is Where the Dojo Is…

Karate has long been credited for helping youngsters develop their minds and bodies as well as cultivating in students a sense of discipline, confidence, respect for others and more. With the COVID-19 pandemic making in-person karate classes too risky or even unavailable, taking classes via Zoom is a viable alternative for your children. But before your children begin taking karate classes at home, you will need to prepare the learning space and create your “home dojo”.

We asked Tim Fitzgerald, vice president of Performing Arts Workshops, and karate teacher for some recommendations.

“You don’t need a lot of space or any specialized equipment – Bruce Lee used to teach students out his garage. Clear the space of furniture any other obstructions. An area of about six feet of unobstructed space around all sides of your child will be ample space to practice. Another consideration is flooring. If you have carpeting, great. If not, consider buying a puzzle mat. They’re inexpensive and can be easily stowed when not in use. I also recommend children practice in bare feet. They will be less inclined to accidentally slip and fall. Socks are too slippery and shoes sometimes fly off the feet and break mom and dad’s expensive TV.” (As its name implies, puzzle mats come in a “jig saw” pattern where two or more mats can be connected in jigsaw puzzle fashion. While a mat is not an absolute necessity, it will make class safer and more comfortable for your child.)

Mr. Fitzgerald further states “by setting up your space properly, you’re able to practice stances, blocking, kicks, punches, balance, and kata safely and effectively. Is it different from being in the dojo? Certainly, but think of online karate as an opportunity. In the classes we offer to beginners, online karate is a great way, an opportunity to learn the basics and have fun. For our more experienced students, online karate is a great opportunity for you to really refine your technique, hone your craft and have fun. And being online, you can learn at your own pace and benefit from smaller class size instruction.”

Learn more about Performing Arts Workshops’ online karate program at https://performingartsworkshops.com/online-after-school-2/ or call (310)827-8827.

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