Help your child choose the right summer camp singing experience!

PAW explores the difference between 

Musical Theater and Voice Recording camps!

If a summer camp offers multiple vocal programs, they’ll typically include two varieties: musical theater focused on singing for live staging, and the recording arts focused on voice and technology. Learning to be a musical theater standout and learning to be a recording artist offer two very different perspectives on singing camps.

PAW’S Rock The Mic Camp
On a typical day of PAW’s Rock the Mic camp, campers stand in front of a microphone and sound filter, guided by their teacher through the complex runs and beats of a pop hit or the soulful emotion and harmony of a rock ballad, riffing off the styles of the other campers in their duet or trio.  On a typical day of PAW’s Musical Theater camp, on the other hand, campers learn how to blend their voices in ensemble songs, project their voice to an audience for their solos, and hold a note while landing dynamic dance moves. 

Of course, both camps have the same core curriculum, like any reputable singing camp, including vocal warm-ups, pitch, proper breathing techniques, scales, and phrasing. In fact, the main difference between Rock the Mic and Musical Theater camps is style!

Often parents call into the PAW office to ask, “My child loves to sing—which camp would you recommend?” In order to offer the best advice to parents, we explore what kind of passion for singing their child has.  Sometimes kids love to sing, but aren’t ready to go live—Rock the Mic would be a great option for them to develop their voice and confidence as singers.  Sometimes kids have tons of experience with stage work and want to enhance their technique and create something tangible to take home and share with their friends—Rock the Mic would be a great option for them, too, because they can focus on their individual aptitude, and bring home a CD of their vocal stylings! 

PAW’s Musical Theater Camp
If we were to offer one piece of advice to parents of eager vocalists, it would be to discuss with your child the different opportunities in vocal studies, and see what most excites them. Whether it’s Musical Theater’s teamwork and excitement, or Rock the Mic’s focus on how to make every unique voice shine, they’ll know what decision is right for them—or whether they want to round out their singing summer and try both!
PAW’s award-winning camps for kids ages 5-14 include Rock The Mic, Musical TheaterFilmmaking, Guitar,  Magic, Photography, Stage F/X Makeup, Camp LOL & Camp WOW – a debate camp for kids!

Trusted for over 30 years, PAW has 9 camp locations to choose from including; Brentwood, West LA, Manhattan Beach, RPV, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Pasadena, Northridge, and Studio City.  For camp information call us at (310) 827-8827 or check out our website at

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