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Written By: Samantha Crawford | November 1, 2019


Filmmaking Camp equips campers with Creative, Technical,  and Academic Skills
that can be used throughout their educational careers!

At Filmmaking Camp, children have the unique opportunity to wear many hats in contributing to the production of a short film. Campers learn and explore the artistry of writing, the leadership of directing, the technical aspects of filming and editing, and the expressive nature of acting in an original film. At the end of a session of Filmmaking Camp, children take with them not only a finished project to cherish forever, but a set of unique skills that can be applied to their school work, extracurricular activities, and even their future careers!

While attending Filmmaking Camp, campers are provided a chance to work in small groups with teachers who have professional work experience in filmmaking or who are working toward a degree in the field of filmmaking. Under their instruction, children are provided an inside look into the filmmaking process. Campers tap into their creativity while learning the process of writing for film, scripting, and storyboarding to bring their story into fruition. These foundational skills can then be directly applied to children’s English Language Arts lessons and assignments when they head back to school in the Fall! Campers learn about Cinematography, Language of Film, and History of Film providing them with important historical context that gives them insight and a deeper understanding of the film industry – along with analytical skills that are essential to Social Studies classes. Campers are also guided through acting, directing, and editing their film in a collaborative setting; learning to work together to bring a vision to life is an essential skill in today’s classrooms and society, and Filmmaking Campers learn this in an engaging, nurturing, and fun environment!
Filmmaking Camp is truly a multifaceted learning experience for campers to discover new passions, talents, and to grow their academic skills, all while having fun creating a piece of art that they can share with their friends and family for years to come!
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