Hi PAW Moms, Dads & Campers Too,
We are excited to announce the final Camp Story Contest for Summer of 2020…

By taking a moment to write or talk about your favorite memories from PAW’s Online Camp, you will be entered in a drawing to WIN an eight week session of PAW’s After School Program on ZOOM.  We are also happily accepting video recordings featuring your child or even you & your child together talking about their special moments or memories.

  • Three randomly selected participants will each WIN one FREE eight week After School Workshop of their choice, which meet once per week.
  • As a special thank you for entering, all other Camp Story participants will each WIN the Red Ribbon Award of Half Off Tuition for the After School Workshop of their choice. We will be hosting workshops in Acting, Dance, Singing, Karate, Debate, Mommy & Me classes and more!

Online campers, parents, grandparents, and babysitters are all eligible to submit an Online Camp Story Contest Entry!  You can tell us about either your favorite moments, favorite teachers, exciting games & activities, favorite workshops, new friendships, connecting with old friends on Zoom, or why you have loved PAW’s Online Camp! You can write about what you have gained from Online Camp, why you have enjoyed Online Camp, or even why PAW’s Online Camp has been a special experience for you!
Written Entries, just copy and paste the following template into an email, filling it in with your details and your story. When completed, send your entry to performingartsla@aol.com with the following subject line:  ONLINE CAMP STORY CONTEST ENTRY
Video Entries, at the beginning of your video introduce yourselves by first name only, the camper’s age, and tell us your story.  Once your video is complete, please name the video file with the camper’s first name and age, then just upload it to our Google Drive at: https://rb.gy/oryuzi  As soon as you have uploaded your video please send us an email including your name and the camper’s name and age (so we can match it up) and include the best phone number to reach you. Please send your email to performingartsla@aol.com with the following subject line:  ONLINE CAMP STORY CONTEST ENTRY
All submissions we receive are eligible to be shared at our discretion on our Facebook and other social media pages, accompanied by your child’s first name and age only. Online Story Contest deadline is 1:00pm, Friday August 14th! Three winners will be randomly selected on Tuesday, August 18th. Our 3 Winners as well as all Red Ribbon Award Recipients will be notified and provided with a special registration code that can be redeemed for any one of our eight week After School Workshops. 
We can’t wait to hear your stories! 🙂

Entry Form (Please copy, paste, and fill out the following details. Then email your entry to performingartsla@aol.com)
Camper’s Name:
Story Author’s Name:
Author’s Relationship to Camper:
Author’s Phone Number:

Author’s Email Address: 
Story Entry:

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