Enrichment & After School Class DISCOUNTS For Your Child’s Learning Pod!

By Signing Up As An Official Learn Pod, You Can Receive 
Significant Discounts on Online After School Arts and Academic Workshops

Back to School season is upon us once again, but with a whole new meaning this year. Kids across the country who are typically experiencing first day of school jitters and excitement at about this time, are graciously accepting their new normal of distance learning and social distancing. Instead of designing their pencil boxes and decorating their book covers, they are prepping their virtual Zoom backgrounds and comparing their school schedules with their friends via email. 

As we have all adjusted to the realities of distance learning and/or homeschooling over the last few months, Learning Pods & Micro-Schools have gained popularity as a fantastic alternative for parents choosing to team up with one another to provide their children with safe ways to participate in their online classes and activities together, with a small, closely monitored group of peers. Many parents are now juggling supervising their children at home, while they are being called back into the office. This is where Learning Pods are picking up pace as parents can team up and share the responsibility of supervising their children’s distance learning, while providing them with the social interaction and connection that they have missed over the last few months.  

In addition to regular academic class time on Zoom, the After School & Saturday enrichment activities that our kids love and are passionate about are also now taking place virtually to ensure the health and safety of our kids, their families, and greater communities. Performing Arts Workshops (PAW) has been offering arts-based as well as academic after school and summer camp programming for over 30 years. PAW is thrilled to announce their Lineup of 2020 Fall Online After School & Saturday Workshops for kids ranging from 3 years old to 14, including; Acting Technique & Theater Games, Hip Hop, Singing & Vocal Training, Karate, Guitar & Ukulele, Chess Club, Debate For Kids, Yoga, Ballet, Stand Up Comedy, Songwriting, and several choices of Mommy & Me Classes! There is even a special High School Debate Sports and Forensics Team.

Taught by knowledgeable, skilled instructors, PAW has been named Best After School Program in LA Parent Magazine. When asked, Cheryl Appleman President of Performing Arts Workshops mentions “our teaching faculty are working professionals and have or are working toward their bachelor’s or master’s degrees in their respective disciplines. Their experience and knowledge combined with the PAW curriculum provides our students with a level of training comparable to what can be found at private studios and conservatories. Professionalism, experience and enthusiasm are some of the defining traits of our teachers, and they use these qualities to empower the personal and creative growth of our students!”

Given the financial distress so many families are experiencing, PAW has stepped up with a very special discount plan designed for Learning Pods and Microschools.  By signing up for any PAW Online After School Workshop as a Learning Pod with up to 5 children participating together on a single device, they will provide you with a significant tuition discount which can be split among the parents of the pod. The discount will apply to pods of a maximum of 10 children, providing the group is on two devices. It is the mission of PAW to ensure school aged children continue to receive the educational benefits the arts have to offer, to grow as individuals, and, perhaps NOW most importantly, to help discover the joy of learning, on Zoom! Join a Learning PAWD Today!

Trusted for over 30 years, you can find information on PAW Online Classes at www.PerformingArtsWorkshops.comor by call them at (310) 827-8827.




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