Debate Club For Kids

DEBATE CLUB FOR KIDS…A World Of WordCraft (For Grades 3-up)

Should children be allowed to have cell phones at school?  Should wearing helmets be mandatory when bike riding? What’s the better gaming platform – Xbox or PlayStation?  These are just some of the issues and questions that kids ponder every day.  You have an opinion, but how do you prove your opinion is the better opinion?  To learn how, join us after school for an adventure in debating as you experience a world of wordcraft in Debate Club!  This is your chance to find your voice, get involved, empower yourself, and begin a life-long exploration of the majesty and wonder of words and ideas. Utilizing the Project LEAD curriculum, PAW’s Debate Club gives students the tools for developing self-confidence, public speaking skills, building a powerful vocabulary, and learning the finer points of language arts.  Working off a foundation of voice, speech, and diction, this workshop uses debate to teach students the art of organizing and articulating ideas, structuring and supporting arguments, listening and countering, and more, in a fun, safe, and non-competitive environment.  Words and ideas can change the world!

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