Camp Story Contest: Theo

Entry Authored By: Theo, Camper, Age 7

I was in three PAW camp plays and it is now my favorite camp. The teachers are funny, fun and special. They are constantly encouraging us to reach our goals and get better at the dances and songs. I’ve always loved performing and going to PAW has taught me a lot of things like not to play around with your hands while nervous or don’t look at other people performing while you are on stage too or don’t keep singing when you’ve run out of breath.

My favorite play was The Lion King. This was because the dances were fun, my friends were great and my sister and I played Pumba and Timon, best friends. Of all the dances and songs we sang together, Hakuna Matata was my favorite. We practiced it all the time, in the car, at home and at camp.

A song in The Lion King that I found challenging was Can You Feel the Love Tonight because it included sign language. My sister and I were learning the parts for Pumba and Timon while the rest of the group was learning Can You Feel the Love Tonight, so we had to learn it by watching the others. Thankfully, while at camp, my sister helped me with the sign language and I was able to remember the song for the performance. 

I love camp PAW. It’s the best camp ever and I can’t wait to return to camp this summer. Camp PAW rocks!

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