Camp Story Contest: Steve & Bernadette

Entry Authored By: Steve & Bernadette, Sienna’s Parents, Age 10

Since before she could walk, it seems, our daughter was entertaining us, improvising dances and singing songs both learned and made-up.  She was a natural performer, but after four years of elementary school productions, playing Maid #3 or one of “The Lost Girls” in Peter Pan had warn thin. She didn’t even want to be in drama the next fall, but that was the summer we enrolled her in PAW.

Two weeks later we were amazed to find ourselves in the audience watching our daughter sing and dance in a production that was fast-paced, funny, and had clever songs with surprisingly well-synchronized choreography. It didn’t feel like a school play. It felt like theater. 

We sent some video of her performance to her drama teacher at school, and the very next play she was given the part of Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, and after that, Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Her drama teacher didn’t know what our daughter was capable of, and before PAW, neither did our daughter.  The confidence she displayed on the stage is something that she still carries proudly to this day. 

None of this would have happened without PAW and their amazing counselors, led by the incomparable Kristy. They stage a play that is truly playful and gives each child a chance to shine. Our daughter gained a new appreciation and passion for her craft and newfound respect from her drama teacher, thanks to PAW.

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