Camp Story Contest: Mahnaz

Entry Authored By: Mahnaz, Camper, Age 11

I can clearly remember receiving our parts for Lion King, my 8th play at PAWs. I was sitting next to my BFF at PAWs, Olivia. I just knew that 2 kids would be partner parts, and who would most probably get a lead role. It looked liked they knew they would get a lead role, too. I was happy for them. I always wanted to be a lead, and I had gotten leads for the past 3 years, just not BIG parts, like Harry Potter or Mowgli.

An anxious buzz of excitement and nervousness drifted through the air. ‘Come on, Ms. Jessica, just announce the parts already!’ I thought as we recited the Camp Pledge for what seemed like the 100th time. Then, the dreaded Part Rules. Ms. Jessica explained the rules for getting your parts, an announcement I had heard many times, each year since I was 5 years old. 

Olivia squeezed my hand. It was time. I was so “nervous-cited” that I didn’t even notice the sharp pain burst up my arm from Olivia’s squeeze. 

I have been going to PAWs for the last 6 years. Every year, I walk through the door and see all my good friends from last year. My favorite part? When Ms. Jessica makes the Part Receiving Ceremony so… DRAMATIC!!!!

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