Camp Story Contest: Kristy

Story Authored By: Kristy, Caden & Kallie’s Mom, Ages 7 & 5

This summer, my kids, Caden and Kallie participated in the PAW production of, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”.  The morning of the first day, my daughter Kallie began in tears, telling me that she would not like it and she would not ever want to go on stage. The day that Kallie and Caden came home with their script they wanted to see the movie. We watched the old and new versions. The kids were hooked. Soon the kids were coming home singing the songs. They played make believe as if they were characters from the play. My daughter fell asleep with her face on the script. Even though they didn’t have the main parts, they didn’t seem to mind. When it came time to perform, both kids were a bit nervous, but they were great.

To this day, they still love to sing the songs in the car and talk about camp. It was their first theater experience and it changed their lives forever.

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