Camp Story Contest: Kendra

Entry Authored By: Kendra, International Camper, Age 10


                   Being at PAW was amazing. I learned how to sing, how to act, how to play Mao in Sleeping Beauty, and how to dance in different styles. Everyone

 at PAW was so nice, and it was really REALLY fun! Since this was my first time, it was a great first impression. Coming from Doha, Qatar, it was fun to see other people from around the world. Although, I still think I came from the farthest away. I think the best moment at PAW was when I sang my solo. There were so many people, and I was a little scared. Okay, a LOT scared. I’d never actually sung in front of so many people. Singing in the chorus was different, since I was only one voice in many. But if I slipped up here, everyone would know…  And yet-everthing went great. It went by so fast, that I didn’t even remember if I’d gotten the cue right. As I went offstage, I quickly went over my script to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. To my surprise, I barely missed a line. I realized that practicing every night had paid off. The rest of the play turned out great, and I have a lot of great memories from it! Once the play was done, I was so sad to say goodbye to everyone, and all I could think about was how amazing the experience had been. I can’t wait to see you all again!

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