Camp Story Contest: Cleo

Story Authored By: Cleo, Camper, Age 13

It all started on a Tuesday, or to be more specific the last Tuesday of the Aladdin session of camp. Me and my friend Meredith were at lunch talking about her favorite book The Outsiders, when she pulled out her container. Inside of her container was a bunch of ripe green grapes. In the heat of the moment I was so concentrated on our conversation that when I went to refer to her grapes I accidentally called them raisins! At first this might not seem like that big of a deal, and at the time it really wasn’t, but that mix up caused another conversation to emerge. An idea had sprouted in my head so I asked Meredith if she thought we could leave her grape out in the sun and if it would turn into a raisin. At first we weren’t sure but all we knew was that it was worth a shot. So me Meredith and a few other kids who had joined the conversation at this point took one of her green grapes and put it on the concrete ledge where the sun was hitting it just right. As we were about to leave another thought popped into my head, If we leave it on the ledge then if a gust of wind came by it would easily knock over. So with that we decided to move the grape behind a statue where admittedly there wasn’t a lot of sun but we knew it would be safe there until the next day, or so we thought. The next day at snack we ran to check on the grape but mysteriously it was gone! We shrugged it off and put another grape from Meredith’s new lunch in the same place. The only problem was that this same thing continued to happen all the way until Friday, the last day of camp. While I would be coming back the next week to do the greatest showman Meredith would not. So here we were having only one more chance to make this right to make a raisin. Suddenly like lightning an idea formed in my brain. If we put it in the flower pot then whoever keeps finding the grape would no longer be able to continue their wrath of tearinie, the grape would be safe it would have its chance to reach its full potential and be who it’s truly meant to be! With that, we went into action placing this new grape in its new home, we had one more chance and we were not going to waste it. At the end of camp me and Meredith said goodbye, now I would have to call her on Monday to let her know if the grape had made it. So all weekend I waited impatiently waiting to see my friends again, ready to get to do what I love, ready to check on the grape. Before I knew it, It was time, It was Monday. As soon as snack began I ran over to the pot and…IT WAS THERE! The grape had made it. All that was left to do now was for it to turn into a raisin. I had the time of my life those two weeks working on the show, cracking jokes, listening to music, By Friday I had almost forgotten about the grape. I went to check on it one last time to see if the grape had become a raisin. But when I saw the flower pot I was sadly disappointed the grape was nowhere to be seen, it was gone. Me and my friends laughed it off though, for It did not truly matter that it never became a grape it was the experience that brought us all together. That afternoon I gave the performance of my life! I sang, and ,danced, and acted, But most importantly I had fun, Like I always do when I am at camp. In the end it doesn’t matter what role or what show I do or get, or even if I make a raisin, just being there, getting to be with people who support each other, come together to make a great show, a fun show. That’s why I love camp and that’s why I will come back for as long as I can!

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