Camp Story Contest: Ava

Entry Authored By: Ava, Camper, Age 13

I’ve been going to Performing Arts Workshop since I was about 6 or 7 years old, so as you can imagine I have sooooo many memories, that it was hard for me to pick just one to write about. I decided to write about a memory I have from when I was about 9 and doing the show Into The Woods. 

It was show day and I couldn’t believe it, it was my third or fourth show but I was still super nervous! It was lunch time and I was hanging out with some of my best friends that I had met over previous summers and we would always do camps together since. 

We were all in our nice white clean costumes and ready for our big show! At lunch my friend Kenzey pulled out a bag of Cheetos and the rest of us stared her down, I mean like how was someone supposed to eat Cheetos with out getting dust all over themselves. So I looked in my bag and I saw that I too had Cheetos! We all wanted to eat them so bad but didn’t want our costumes to get ruined. So we ate them super slowly .It took us the whole lunch break just to finish our Cheetos that day. Then we got to go perform with our outfits perfectly clean, and the show went on great. 

That memory is one of my favorites because it’s something that has lived on. Now before every show Kenzey and I always have a few Cheetos to remember that day. We are always successful with keeping ourselves clean but at the same time laughing a lot. Now when ever I see a bag of Cheetos I think of Performing Arts Workshops. It may be a small, sort of stupid memory but that doesn’t mean it means any less to me. I can’t wait to continue the tradition by going to the camp this summer again and getting to perform one of my favorite musicals ever, Hamilton! As I get older and grow up this very special memory I have of PAW will never die!

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