Camp Story Contest: Allegra

Story Authored By: Allegra, Camper, Age 10

It’s the day of the performance. I wake up extra early so my mom can do my hair. I had laid out my costume 5 nights before and this was the day I could actually wear it. I was going to be Le Fou today, Gaston’s side-kick in The Beauty and the Beast. I gobble down my oatmeal and we walk out the door. On our way to camp my mind is going over all the things that could go terribly wrong. I calm down by reminding myself that I have friends and teachers who are there for me, and that I know my lines inside and out. I take five deep breaths and realize that I am looking forward to it.
I walk into the building and I am greeted with smiling faces. My friends comment on my Le Fou hair-do. I am getting more excited by the minute. We go through the play and Gaston and I keep forgetting to arm-wrestle at a certain point during our song, which throws everyone off. It’s getting stressful. After going over it five or six times we finally get it down. 
Before I know it we are back-stage hearing the parents file into their seats. We are silently going over our lines. Just before going on-stage we all gather in a circle and stomp at the same time without counting. We are in synch. It is time to start the play and I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. 
Once on stage I am immediately comfortable and it’s an experience I’ll never forget.
PAW camp is amazing. In the 3 plays I did at PAW, the teachers were different but they were all fun and kind, encouraging us to do our best and helped us develop our characters. The teachers mix games, singing, dancing and acting to create a perfect day. I love this camp and am so excited to come again next summer!

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