Camp Story Contest: Ella Jane

Entry Authored By: Rochelle, Ella Jane’s Mom, Age 7

                                                                                            My daughter, Ella Jane, attended the PAW camps the past 2 summers.  It is by far her favorite summer camp.  This past year she attended the Forever Annie session.  The staff shared with me how she got up and gave a “mini performance” on the casting day.  We were both so happy to learn that she would be getting her own role in the play!  It was such a confidence booster for her to be given such an opportunity!  She did a few plays in the past and gladly took on small roles, but was definitely ready to take on a bigger responsibility.  On the performance day, her uncles were blown away by the performances.  They had just recently seen her in another version of Annie with a 6 week rehearsal process and could not believe that all of the kiddos pulled off such an awesome performance at PAW in just 2 weeks!  To this day, she still breaks out into song and dance whenever she hears any of the songs from the play.  It is such a great memory and experience for both of us and will be remembered for a lifetime!!!!! The director, choreographer, “vocal coach”  (not sure of the correct title) and staff  had  such great, positive energy and talent!  We hope to see them all again this summer at camp 🙂 

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