Laughter Is the Best Medicine…and PAW’s Camp LOL Enriches Academic Skills, too!

PAW delves into the personal and educational benefits 
of a Comedy Camp Curriculum!

The beneficial outcomes of summer camp programs often range from social skill development, to academic and educational improvement, and even to independence and confidence building, however there are often specific enrichment goals in place depending on the type of summer camp program offered. PAW’s Camp LOL thrives on bolstering confidence, promoting identity exploration and self-esteem, and even developing language arts and critical thinking skills that can then be applied to children’s academic lessons and assignments throughout the school year.

Traditionally, comedy camps provide campers the opportunity to work directly with seasoned comedians. It is under their instruction and leadership that children have the opportunity to explore the foundations of comedy as a craft, including the importance of voice, speech, and diction. These communication skills transcend the comedy camp experience when kids are back in school participating in class and preparing for an oral report, presentation, or group project.

Campers immersed in a comedy camp will learn about specific styles of comedy, such as the difference between Improv and Sketch Comedy, as well as what it takes to create their very own unique set that they can perform! Everything from joke writing, structure, and character development, to joke delivery, stage presence and performance is taught, demonstrated, and practiced over the course of a session of camp. These skills translate directly to Language Arts Curriculum by engaging children in the creative writing process, challenging them to think critically about their jokes, sets, and performances, and teaching them to constructively critique their own work so that they can improve not only a particular joke, but their language arts skills in general.  The value of a child using the skills that they work on every day in the classroom to achieve something that they love doing, such as comedy, is truly priceless!

At the end of the day, PAW’s Camp LOL spreads the joy of comedy and laughter to children and provides them with a meaningful experience that has plenty of positive take-aways. Comedy camp is place where kids can have fun exploring their identities while also engaging in meaningful curriculum and activities that will make a difference in their lives for years to come!
PAW’s award-winning camps for kids ages 5-14 include Camp LOL, Rock The Mic, Musical TheaterFilmmaking, Guitar,  Magic, Photography, Stage F/X Makeup & Camp WOW – a debate camp for kids!

Trusted for over 30 years, PAW has 9 camp locations to choose from including; Brentwood, West LA, Manhattan Beach, RPV, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Pasadena, Northridge, and Studio City.  For camp information call us at (310) 827-8827 or check out our website at

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