Homebound Kids vs Outbound Parents ~ Back To Work In the Age Of COVID-19

Written By: Samantha Crawford  |  May 19, 2020
Adjusting to the new norm of school, extracurriculars, and camp taking place virtually, from the safety of home.

In order to safeguard the health and welfare of children, distance learning is picking up pace while in-person activities are continuing to be off limits.  The original perception that COVID-19 does NOT affect children is incorrect. There is now evidence that it can cause severe illness with symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease and toxic shock-like syndromes, with recent deaths reported and others being investigated. This has been corroborated by Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Robert Redfield of the United States Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as the heads of other reporting agencies.
Because of this, working parents everywhere are feeling the stress of keeping their children safe at home, supporting and entertaining them all day, every day while also making work deadlines, being present for meetings, and attending to work responsibilities. The Performing Arts Workshops Team has put together a list of tips from local parents and educators on how to juggle keeping your kids busy while also fulfilling your work responsibilities.


Keeping kids busy while you’re busy.  We all know that online summer camp is not what we had in mind just a few months ago, it is wonderful that kids will still have access to the specialties and activities that they are passionate about, while staying safe at home this summer. At Performing Arts Workshops for example, kids get to choose between workshops in acting, dancing, singing, comedy, guitar, and debate and can mix and match their workshops each day! And, while they are busy on Zoom, interacting with their teachers and peers, you can make progress on that project for work!


Make a plan. Lots of families have begun to rely more heavily on the help of their family and close friends to ensure that their children are well attended to while they either work away from home, or are working from home. With a grandparent, aunt, uncle, adult sibling, adult cousin, or a long time trusted sitter attending to their children in their own home, parents can limit their kids’ contact with others while still fulfilling their work obligations.


Have a few things ready to go. Each day can still feel different and exciting with a little pre-planning. The internet is full of countless craft projects that kids can do both solo, or alongside a parent or sitter. Websites such as Pinterest.com, EasyPeasyandFun.com, and Highlights.com have step by step instructions and guidance for many different types of hands-on craft projects for kids!


Get ahead of the game. With lost school time this spring due to school closures, this summer you can minimize the gap and get a head start for the fall. For some families the best option is side by side quiet activities for portions of the day. While you are working on meeting a work deadline at your home office desk, your child is in the room with you or a sitter working on quiet activities at a table. This can be presented as you doing your job, while they are beside you doing THEIR job. A Los Angeles County mom shared her plans to keep her daughter engaged in some educational activities this summer; “She won’t be in summer school but she will have school work still, ABCs & things like that. I usually go on Pinterest to look for activity ideas in her grade level and have her do that.”


Physically healthy, mentally happy. On days off from work, many parents are sharing an appreciation of the great outdoors with their little ones. With hiking trails now open, parks available for running around in the grass (avoiding park play equipment for safety), and National Parks beginning to reopen, there are lots of places to enjoy the fresh air. One Central New York mom shared her plans to “…keep busy playing outside, walking, and relaxing inside. If they open up, we will go swimming at some lakes in nearby state parks. We usually line up a hiking trip and some day trips on our boat.”
Trusted for over 30 years, PAW’s award-winning camps for kids ages 5-14 are going online this summer! PAW’s Virtual Summer Camp will include workshops in Acting, Singing, Dance, Guitar, Magic, Comedy, & Debate For Kids! 
For camp information check out our website at www.PerformingArtsWorkshops.com.
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