Camp Story Contest: Breanna

Entry Authored By: Breanna, Camper, Age 10 During the summer of 2018, in what I believe is late July, in a church in Pasadena, Abigail Chang was singing. I was with my friends, Bella, Julia and Olivia sitting in the wings. They wore shiny pink bodysuits and mermaid fin leggings. Their hair was adorned with a multitude of color shifting pearls & dutch braids. It smelled strongly of hairspray and a mix of drugstore makeup. On the contrary, I was clothed in black with a frilly purple tutu. In the dim light, I felt so safe, I wasn’t ready. Who cares? I’m up already. I had about 10 paragraphs and a song I was forgetting minute by minute. Millions of thoughts were running in and out of my mind but one thing was certain. Everyone was watching me. My family who loved music. My very best friends who were scared with me. I then felt feelings. I felt reassurance, hope, love. I especially felt love. So, I went up and showed the audience who the sass queen was. I love PAW because I met so many people who changed my life by showing me their unique personalities and giving me a reason to love theatre more. For the last five years in PAW, I have made new friends and reunited with old friends. PAW has become my second home. I’ve shed tears, yet I’ve also smiled the broadest grin in the world. It’s like a rollercoaster ride, at first get scared and anxious to get on. Then when you ride it, you get an adrenaline rush when you loop around or hit a drop. That’s why I go every summer. It’s just a sheer thrill running in on the first day, seeing my very best friends in what seems like seventeen million years. I love the feel of signing in, knowing that summer has officially started. It’s not only for the acting or the performances. Sure, performing and acting are a mighty lot of fun. But I mainly go there because they’re my family.
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